Perforated Panel Shapes & Sizes


Perforated Balustrade Panels, Infill Panels & Cladding Panels

Our perforated panels for installation in balustrades, balconies, stairwells and cladding are custom manufactured for every project, therefore no edging strips or raw edges will be seen.

Our specialised service designs the perforated pattern to fit your panels. The unique feature of our service is that virtually any shape of panel can be perforated with virtually any number of holes. Complex panel shapes can be manufactured with great precision using our laser profiling machine in conjunction with our CNC punching machines.


The maximum size of panels we can manufacture is influenced by the material thickness and specification, together with the pattern required. We have manufactured panels up to 3.5 metres in length but these larger panels are dependent upon the availability of suitable materials, and therefore each requirement has to be individually assessed. Discs can be manufactured in one piece up to a maximum diameter of 1.5m. Above this size, manufacture in halves or segments is common.

panels shapes and sizes