Our revolutionary PicPerf© software allows us to interpret photographs, pictures, graphics, logos etc into perforated patterns at an almost photographic resolution.

Using PicPerf©, your images can be interpreted as perforated images using a range of hole sizes and shapes.

Original Image

PicPerf Perforated Image

We normally produce PicPerf© image panels in aluminium, as this gives us the best range of open area and therefore contrast & texture whilst retaining sheet or panel flatness.

Images can be made to fit an individual panel, or can be perforated to for an image over a larger area made up of a number of panels. This can produce building cladding or plant screening to spectacular and very individual effect.

We can produce pdf format image files showing how your chosen image will look when perforated into panels and will liaise closely with you throughout the process from concept to completion to ensure that the PicPerf© panels will meet your design requirements.

When back-lit, either by natural light, or by diffused LED lighting, PicPerf© panels take on a whole new life, transforming the building or structure on which they are displayed.

We can liaise with partner companies who can specify and supply LED backlighting solutions that will ensure that your PicPerf panels are installed to the most impressive effect.

Original image with panels defined

PicPerf panels front lit

PicPerf panels LED back lit

Original Image

Photographic negative for backlit image with panels defined

PicPerf panels in daylight

PicPerf panels at night – LED back lit

Original Image

Panel front lit in daylight

Panels back lit in daylight

Panel LED back lit at night

Original Image

PicPerf Perforated Image