Recycling & Industrial Products

Maintenance engineer


The needs of the environmental recycling, quarrying and animal by-products processing industries are continuously developing with ever more demanding operating lifetime requirements in the most hostile of operating environments.

To meet these needs we have developed a range of tough, hardened hammers and screens for applications in various industrial granulators, pulverisors, hammer-mills, shredders, crushers, disintegrators and fragmentisers. We have also developed hardened steel and stainless steel screens for mechanical driers and turbo driers as well as paddles and other wear parts.

These products include standard steel perforated screens in thicknesses of up to 15 mm, through hardened screens and hardened alloy hammers, as well as special hard faced and tungsten carbide tipped hammers.

Large material stocks and rapid manufacturing times mean that we can offer quick order fulfillment.

The perforated solution can be produced at a great cost saving over other manufacturing methods.

This capability has the potential to significantly alter the cost/life ratio of screen products, meaning that hardened screens can become cost effective in applications where, high costs were previously prohibitive.

We have the capability and experience to produce fully fabricated screens for a variety of machines used in applications such as granulating, crushing, tyre recycling, cable recycling, waste processing and vibratory screening.

We also produce heavy duty screens for various applications such as trommels, up to 15mm thick.