Quality Policy & Mission Statements

The policy of E.E.Ingleton Engineering Ltd, is:

  • To produce a range of products to customer requirements and specifications, with the minimum standard of meeting their expectations
  • To achieve high quality standards of product and service compatible with customer requirements in performance and reliability and at a price economical to the client whilst contributing to the ongoing profitability and growth of our company.

Our objective is to ensure that all products delivered to our customers are fully in accordance with the purchase specification and client’s expectations. We will achieve this by concentration on quality assurance and control throughout all stages of manufacture, and customer service activities.

We will strictly follow any recognised and accepted external or internal standards; codes or specifications to ensure consistent levels of quality are achieved.

All of our activities are carried out within our ISO9001 quality assurance system which is regularly audited both internally and also by our third party quality assessment and certification authority.

We believe that the responsibility for quality lies with all employees at all levels within the Company and will encourage all employees to undertake this responsibility through cooperation, interest and pride in the way they work and the achievement of their team. We believe that quality issues should be resolved at source. Our Quality Policy indicates our intent to achieve this, under-pinned by Quality Procedures, which provide realistic guidelines to effective operational performance.

The implementation of our Quality System and its documentation is mandatory and all statements within it are binding on all employees of the Company. Activities as controlled by our working procedures are complemented by our active continuous improvement programme at all levels within the company based on the principles of Kaizen or Total Quality Management.
This policy statement will be reviewed at the annual management review meeting.

Our Mission

We aim to be the UK’s first choice supplier for our complete range of manufactured products.

To achieve this, we will always seek to provide a quality of product and service that meets or surpasses our customers’ expectations.

To succeed in this, we aim to ensure that our all of our employees are dedicated, skilled in their tasks, well trained & properly equipped, well motivated and well rewarded.