Swing Hammers – Hardened, Hard Faced, Tungsten Carbide Tipped

Manufactured from a large stock of heavy-section alloy steel, our swing hammers and beaters are through-hardened to give optimum wear life in use.

Hammers are manufactured for a wide range of machines used for waste processing, biomass processing, quarrying and other industrial applications.

We also produce chrome-carbide hard-faced hammers for use in very arduous conditions for certain machines.

For other applications such as green waste processing, we also produce tungsten carbide tipped hammers.

For use in highly corrosive environments such as lead acid battery recycling, we can supply hammers from through hardened alloys such as 17-4 PH, or super-duplex alloys.

These swing hammers are normally produced as custom items, developed in close liaison with the user.

Beaters for most grinders and hammer mill types used in the feed milling industry are available ex-stock and can be supplied in balanced sets to suit each machine configuration.

Heavy swing hammers are normally manufactured to order, whilst we do stock hammers for some popular industrial pulverisors and hammer-mills such as Christy & Norris and Bühler